I've played many times with the chess master Lost some of my pawns and sent my knights into shear and great disaster

"Don't even smile in my face if we don't get along
Yeah that's right, I sound foul
And maybe even sound bocus, but focus
just notice that I know how it feels to be hopeless
and homeless
But it ain't about hard times
Everybody goes through a struggle that makes ya mind craze
and you thinkin who's above you
but I get up, I don't stay down
I've got lot of shit to climb, get with the time
You shit on me? That's fine
I'm at the finish line, now you behind
Everything down my road is an obsticle course
And one by one I see 'em go down
and I'm sweatin to win
Who's goin to get the gold
I see the fool is bettin, it's him
So now we're toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye
Will you survive?"

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